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11 Things to Know Before You Visit Rainbow Mountain in Peru

The Rainbow Mountain Peru has rapidly become a dream destination for travellers as the mountain’s cascading and radiant colour makes it magnificent and scenic. 

This site is also known as Vinicunca or Montaña de Siete Colores; becoming the second most visited attraction in Peru after Machu Picchu

Recently locals discovered the existence of Palccoyo, an alternative Rainbow Mountain. Trip to Palccoyo is relatively easier as it does not involve any arduous hikes.

Check out the difference between Palccoyo and Vinicunca Rainbow Mountains.

Whether you are a mountain enthusiast, hardcore trekker, or nature lover, the Rainbow Mountains have got you covered. Without any question, these mesmerizing Rainbow colored mountains in Peru have fair opportunities for all.

In addition to this, it is important for you to know a few essential things before making plans to visit the Peru Mountains on your next vacation:

Rainbow Mountain Peru

1. The Peru Mountains Never Existed Until 2015

On a serious note, these mountains always existed but were not famous. They were hidden for centuries under the thick layers of Andean snow and ice. 

2. Need to Take the Route from Cusco

For reaching the Rainbow Mountain Peru, tourists need to be involved in a long early morning bus ride from Cusco.

Grab the opportunity to skip the enormous crowd and experience Rainbow Mountain’s beauty.

3. Always Check the Weather Forecast

The rainbow mountain is not your friend when it comes to experience rainfall. It is better to visit Peru between April and October.

However, the region has indeed seen a lot of unpredictable rain, so it is probably best to avoid a day driving 6 hours to disappointment. 

Check the detailed weather report here.

4. Book Your Tour Online

You can easily book your package with meal and transport with an operator you trust. In addition to this, online tours or booking is an excellent alternative for finding highly rated and reasonably priced.

Rainbow Mountain Peru

5. Mountain Sickness Is Real

Altitude sickness is a big issue for many people. Hiking at Rainbow Mountains’ altitude can give many severe headaches, feel dehydrated, and experience a lack of oxygen.

People should prepare correctly for altitude sickness and try not to underestimate the altitude and its impact. 

6. Pack Smartly

Rainbow Mountain Peru demands you to carry good quality hiking boot or trainer, a lot of hiking essentials, or equipment.

Do not forget to pack clothes to prepare yourself for all weathers, pack layers, a waterproof jacket, and a hat. Also, do not forget to pack plenty of sunscreen and water.

7. The Views are Breathtaking

The famous Rainbow Mountains Peru are highly photogenic and beautiful in this neck of the woods.

Do not forget to click some amazing pictures of Valley blessed with snow-capped peaks. 

8. Reaching the Main Viewpoint Demands Strength

The good news is that trailing to the main view is perfectly manageable. Some might feel a little breathless initially, but if you have an ok level of fitness, you can walk to the top in approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes (evening at a slow pace). 

Moreover, if you are trekking during the rainy season, then the slopes will be slippery, sliding, and muddy. 

Rainbow Mountain Peru

9. Strong Physique and Encourage Routes to Peru

We repeat that 5,200 meters of altitude is no joke; a lot of people will struggle. If you are unfit or not carrying the perfect hiking equipment, then you might be one of those who will work.

So, if you are the first-timer or have reasons, then the only way you can physically make it up to Rainbow Mountain is with the horse. 

10. Do not party before Trekking 

It is essential to take a full night’s rest and do not pull an all-night party. Avoid drinking at such a high altitude and probably consume a fibrous and calorie-rich diet to sustain the body’s immune.

Keep in mind that if you really want to make your trip memorable, then just avoid being hung-over.

11. Rainbow Mountain Reveals Incredible Colors Lying Underneath

In the past three years, the Rainbow Mountain Peru has fallen victim to the lethal blend of Instagram’s influence and Peru’s many other tourist attractions.

As mentioned right initially, Peru Mountains is a pot of gold that treasures exception balanced beauty.

Rainbow Mountain Peru

Ending on a Higher Note

The altitude and weather are magnificent and breathtaking, so it will be worth reaching the peak and getting a 360 degree view. 

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