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5 Lesser-Known Inca Ruins to Visit in the Sacred Valley Of Peru

It is no surprise to hear that The Sacred Valley of Peru is full of fascinating archaeological sites. Trust us no trip to Peru is complete without visiting some of many lesser-known Sacred Valley Inca Ruins

In the travel world, Inca Ruins comprises of must see destinations that are surrounded with sceneries and worth of all the praises it receives. The beautiful and outstanding Sacred Valley of Peru has it all – mystical beauty, historical significance, and cultural relevance.

Today, We Are Going To Explore Some Of The Legendary Ancient Sites, Buildings And Architecture Preserved In The Lapse Of Inca Ruins. So, Let’s Have A Look:

Good news is that all the travelers will find road network and friendly citizens who speak roughly 30 different languages making your trek route powerful, historical, regional and astonishing – isn’t it amazing?? 

Here Are A Few Lesser-Known Sites Which You Can Visit:

1. Pisac

It is a famous agricultural terrace which is located in Inca ruins away from Cusco. Pisac is one of the largest and crucial agrarian regions that have historical importance. In addition to this, it is the most impressive ruins to be found anywhere in America.

What is more, Pisac has the largest Pre-Hispanic cemetery in America. It is in the form of a bird, but the structure is only visible from the sky. 

5 Lesser-Known Inca Ruins to Visit in the Sacred Valley Of Peru

2. Ollantaytambo

Ollantaytambo is a world-renowned location for summer solstice festivities and its large mountain shapes. The ruins of Ollantaytambo is massive hillside fortress. It offers sweeping views of the valley which offers excellent site, inhabitants and hiking point for those who are adventurous souls. Furthermore, the remarkable fact about Ollantaytambo is, most of the city’s original Inca walls are still intact with stonework.

For more impressive exploration spree, it is a good idea to trek forward and travel around Inca Ruins near Cusco.

5 Lesser-Known Inca Ruins to Visit in the Sacred Valley Of Peru

3. Moray

The Inca site of Moray is located on top of the Sacred Valley (as you pass by). It is one of the fascinating ruins in the country that behold grand theories behind its existence. If we talk about the circular shaped ruins, they are cut about 100 feet (30m deep) into the surface of the earth.

Not only this, but here you can also find the local guides that will take you to the top of the ruin and guide you to see the high altitude farms. This includes potato farms and more vegetables that are grown at the top and bottom.

There is no doubt in that the visual splendor of Moray hypnotizes archaeologists and visitors in the same way. 

5 Lesser-Known Inca Ruins to Visit in the Sacred Valley Of Peru

4. Wiñay Wayna

Winay Wayna is most underrated of all the Inca Ruins in The Sacred Valley. It is built into a steep hillside overlooking the Urubamba River. The good thing is that this site is featured with housing complexes, staircases, fountains and set of agricultural terraces that looks like a miniature version of Machu Picchu

More to the point, here, archaeologists and visitors can’t reach by car or trains. If you are willing to witness the forever young beauty of Wñay Wayna, then you have to hike along the Inca trail on foot. So, it is time to strap your climbing shoes tight. 

5 Lesser-Known Inca Ruins to Visit in the Sacred Valley Of Peru

5. Vitcos

It is an archaeological site that consists of massive palaces (consisting of eight adjoined rooms and impressive stonework having historical significance). 

Vitcos is another most underrated ruin. It has initially been an Inca settlement and filled with most incredible carved white granite rock known as Yurak Rumi. 

5 Lesser-Known Inca Ruins to Visit in the Sacred Valley Of Peru

Be Trekking Ready While Exploring the Sacred Valley

We hope that you are finally convinced to experience Machu Picchu and other Sacred Valley Inca Ruins in Peru for your next vacation.

Whether you are a history buffs or not, Peru will find the best way to engage your mind in its beauty. More importantly, all these beautiful places well help you to craft a truly memorable and stress-free vacation. 

Believe it or not but once you visit the places that we have talked about above, you will get to know how to optimize every experience to save time, energy, stress, money and make your vacation unique to you.

We hope to see you soon!

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