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7 Things No One Tells You about the Inca Trail Tours

Did you know that the first glimpse of classic Inca trail tours is unforgettable and without doubt fascinating for a lot of visitors who long flight to Machu Picchu? Yes, that is true. 

After spending time in the laps of Machu Picchu don’t forget to see the sights of other beautiful sceneries such as Llamas and panpipes on your way. The legendary Inca citadel has scenic beauty, but not all the sections of Inca trail are perfect. So, the route will be adventurous and full of challenges.

Don’t worry; we don’t intend to intimidate or deter you! In fact, we will help you to get your mind and body ready to look at things that nobody will tell you about the Inca trail. Isn’t it exciting and beautiful? Prepare yourself because you will not be able to contain your love for Inca.

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1. The Dead Woman Pass Looks Heart-Throbbing

Oh yes, the dreaded passport of the dead woman is located at the highest point (4215 meters) of the Inca trail that is almost 1800 higher than Machu Picchu. 

At this infamous peak, the stairs are much steeper, requires you to be more careful and make a little glorious departure down the stairs. 

Therefore, do not forget to carry a walking stick and taking deep breathing during trekking. The height takes around 1 hour (depending on your fitness level). However, during departure, the paths are more pleasant.

inca trail Peru

2. Coca Leaves Calls for Chewing Tradition

The active ingredients in coca leaves help to scare away hunger, thirst, fatigues and other common symptoms of altitude sickness. For centuries Andes consider coca shrubs as an essential part of traditional medicine.

Learn the classic method: A saliva laden ball of leaves is made with an alkaline substance and kept in the mouth, almost like chewing gum (Andean version). Many hikers chew big ball of the leaves extracts like a gigantic candy.

inca trail Peru

3. Altitude Sickness is For Real 

The high and considerable altitude of Inca trail Tours relatively burdens the body in a short period and triggers altitude sickness. If in case you do not believe in the treacherous altitude sickness – we dare you to visit Inca once!

If you don’t want to shake by fainting diarrhoea and extreme dizziness, don’t forget to pack all the essential gears and accessories along. 

inca trail Peru

4. Inca Trail Pulls a Lot of Bonus Ruins

You are the daring one and choose to take one day Inca trail; you know what exactly waits at the end of the path.

The real Inca trail highlights the magic and remains of many fortifications along the entire route. As you trail along with six fantastic locations, you will pass through the steep terraces of Chachabamba to the enchanted forest around Phuyupatmarca.

Trust us! Every trekker admires the history and atmosphere of each location here. Experts advise to take your time and walk around these ruins and of course click unique photos to cherish for the lifetime.

inca trail Peru

5. Trails Are Not About Cleanliness and Hygiene

Squatting is nothing new; sanitary facilities in the High Andes lack proper cleaning and electricity, safe to use standard squad toilets.

Do carry a flashlight or cell phone with flashlight functions because you do not want to fall in the dark pictures or lane of Rainbow Mountains.

It is advisable to carry your toilet papers and disinfectants – these are rare pleasures.

inca trail Peru
The Inca Trail is a Paved Stone Path to the Ancient City of Machu Picchu

6. Avoid Any Risk or Accidents

Don’t follow high gloss magazines pictures; the Machu Picchu consists of slippery and landslides endangered paths. Try to avoid doing something daring because Inca trails are beautiful but also risky. 

Some Dos Are:-

  • Always be in the group
  • Stay focus on the way
  • Don’t get distracted by the FotoFieber and
  • Stay under the supervision of your operator
inca trail Peru

7. Everything About Inca Trail Hike Is Wow! 

While trailing to Punktu, also known as the Sun gate (official entrance of Machu Picchu), an overwhelming sunrise welcomes you as the ruin gradually shine in the morning light. 

Now you have plenty of time to enjoy, relax and take some pictures in this deserted area. Come and shine in the glow of this unique moment – so, say hello to the Inca Trail this time. 

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