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Coricancha Temple – Inca Temple of the Sun in Cusco Peru

Coricancha Temple of the Sun

Have you visited Cusco, just to see the natural beauty and sculptures? Temples are equally magnificent. They hold much importance in their culture. Coricancha Temple is a lovely structure. It has different names like Coricancha, Qorikancha, Qoricancha or Koricancha. 

Coricancha was the most significant and most sacred temple of the Inca domain. It stands in the main street, Avenida Sol in Cusco.

Coricancha is a popular stop on the Cusco City Tour.

When the Spanish showed up in Cusco, they annihilated a large portion of Coricancha. The Santo Domingo Church today stands on its foundations. They kept the original walls of the temple. This way, they protected just a little piece of its native excellence. 

Coricancha is combination of two Quechua words. Qori means worked gold. Kancha implies temple, or spot encased by walls. The name of the Coricancha Temple means walls of Gold.

Coricancha Temple of the Sun

What is Coricancha Temple?

Coricancha was not just a geographical area. It was the centre of Cusco. It was likewise the religious focus. As a hallowed where appreciation has appeared for Inti, the Inca Sun God. Indeed, it was a unique temple that existed for carrying out religious ceremonies. 

Coricancha Temple was the holiest place of the multitude of Incas. It had its own customs and protocols. To enter the temple, admirers expected to have been shoeless and fasting. They conveyed a hefty burden upon their back. This was an indication of modesty to the god. 

Coricancha Temple of the Sun

Principle Attractions of Coricancha Temple

The Temple of the Sun 

Of all of Coricancha, the temple of the Sun was the most significant. Indeed, it was huge. It took up the greater part of the Congregation of Santo Domingo. It remains in its place today. 

  • In this temple, even today you can see the treated assemblages of the children of the Sun. This lay on seats made of gold, set at a brilliant table. 
  • There were a few mummies here. It was accepted that the sanctuary was ensured by Mamaconas. They were the priestess of the Sun.

The Temple of the Moon 

Not a long way from the temple of the Sun rests the temple of the Moon. 

  • The Moon temple was a significant piece of Coricancha. They see it as the spouse of the Sun.
  • The actual temple emanated excellence fixed with silver and improved with portrayals of the moon. 
Coricancha Temple of the Sun

The Temple of Venus and the Stars 

  • The Sun was God and the Moon was his significant other. And the stars were the girls of the Inca and workers of the moon. 
  • The temple of Venus and the stars were near the moon. It has a dedicated entrance.
  • The temple of the Stars is the place which the Inca used for celebrations, functions, and forfeits, which occurred in the courtyard.

Rainbow Sanctuary

The Incas worshipped Rainbows. 

  • The Inca did accept that rainbows were made by the sun. 
  • Unfortunately, the vast majority of this sanctuary was additionally annihilated to prepare for the Dominican Religious convent structures. 
Coricancha Temple of the Sun

The Solar Garden

The Solar Garden turned out to be right around a distribution centre for the contributions brought by the subjects to respect the Sun God

  • Comprising numerous things, for example, blossoms and other foliage brought from Tahuantinsuyo. Locals believe that these contributions comprised of gold and silver.
  • They were abundant to such an extent that they filled the immense nursery.
  • During Provincial time it became Dominican ministers’ nursery.

The Fountains

In the first Coricancha, there were 5 distinct fountains. The inception of the water was a mystery. Every wellspring held alternate religious importance. In obvious Coricancha style, they were enlivened with delightful metals.

Coricancha Temple of the Sun

The Charm of Coricancha Temple

Numerous antiquarians have composed that once the Spanish showed up in Cusco. They were blinded by the loftiness and magnificence of Coricancha Temple. The walls were of gold. There were deities wherever to commend the various lords of the Inca Domain. For example, a silver portrayal of the Moon Goddess. 

The concentration of the valuable metals made the entire zone sparkle. There were-creature figures like those of animals. Those were of gold filling the nurseries. This astonished the Spaniards. They had never seen such a lot of gold in one spot previously. 

A large portion of these pieces were sent to the King of Spain. As a gesture of Thanks giving. This was for permitting the expeditions to South America to occur. 

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