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Fall In Love with the Sunny Charms of the Pisac Market – Day Trip to Pisac from Cusco

With modern and ancient attractions, Pisac Market has gained popularity among the visitors. The Pisac is located in the western zone of the Sacred Valley. It is one of the highly extraordinary ruins. It is a giant mountain that is now terraces. Day Trip to Pisac from Cusco is a popular weekend activity.

History of Pisac

The town Pisac was built by Viceroy Toledo in the 1570s. The original Pisac Inca was destroyed by Francisco Pizzaro and the Spanish conquerors.

It was used for farming practices in the Inca empire. Pisac means Partridge in The Language of Quechua. The ruins of Pisac are the largest. They have carvings in the shape of birds. These forms are visible from the air.

Why is Pisac Market Famous?

The Pisac Market is one of the largely popular markets in the Cusco region. It draws many travellers to its prominent Sunday market. The indigenous Quechua communities from the enclosing highlands come to Pisac to sell their produce and stock up on rations for the week. You can plan a day trip to Pisac from Cusco.

Pisac Market - Day Trip to Pisac from Cusco


Pisac village nestles in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru. It is strategically placed as it is an area of the journey for most visitors from Cusco to Machu Picchu.

If you are planning a day trip to Pisac from Cusco, it is approximately 32 km from the city of Cusco. It takes just 45 minutes by bus to reach Pisac Market from Cusco. 

Pisac Market - Day Trip to Pisac from Cusco

Crafts Fair

Due to its outstanding setting, Pisac is popular for its art market. The craft market offers travellers the chance to buy or just see a lot of handmade products by local craftsmen or neighbouring communities.

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays are craft fairs in the main square. Artisans from the local community participate and showcase their talent in the form of beautiful artworks. 

Although the crafts that the artisans sell can very easily be found in other parts of Peru, there is a great atmosphere in the narrow streets of the market. They feature particularly fabrics made with alpaca wool and shaded in bright colours.

Here, you can discover prices markedly lesser than in other areas of Cuzco. Great prices are proposed by peasants and local artisans. You must have the ability to negotiate prices to make a great deal for products. 

Pisac Market - Day Trip to Pisac from Cusco

Huge Clay Ovens

While roaming in the market, you can see huge clay ovens tucked in several spots. The most valid is the colonial oven dating back to the 1830s. 

These ovens were used to make castillos de cuys. These were miniature castles for guinea pigs. The ovens are also used to bake empanadas which is a delicious snack.

Buy Statement Pieces

Besides art and textile, you can also easily find jewellery made of silver. If you love decorative accessories, this market will have your heart. Typically peculiar Peruvians toys are also popular here.

You will also find many crafts that simulate Inca archaeological pieces, musical instruments, and alpaca clothing, very particular of the area that necessarily will benefit with that cold winter of its area.

Picturesque View of the Surrounding Town 

This market is the most important among the local people. If you have some extra time, you can see the Inca culture or nearby town which is very scenic. Surrounded by mountains, the atmosphere is lovely.

Certainly, the craft market of Pisac is a promising option to make a stop. You can take a day trip to Pisac from Cusco to see these musings. You could be halfway when you are visiting Pisac market and your next destination is going to be Machu Picchu or return to the magical city of Cusco.

Picture Spot

If you have planned a day trip to Pisac from Cusco, do not forget to click pictures of the enchanting market. You can also notice some women who are dressed in their traditional outfit. You can click a photo in exchange for some money. 

They can effortlessly be identified as they generally look after by a baby sheep or other tiny animal. They wear bright colourful outfits, which will add colour to your picture.

If you want some peace from the humdrum of the market, you can take a walk along with the botanical garden. Altogether, these will make it indelible remembrance of your stay in Pisac Market

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