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How to Get to Choquequirao Trail Peru?

Choquequirao Trail Peru deserves all your attention. Are you worried about how to get to Choquequirao trail Peru? Read on further to know every possible detail of this trek. 

South America has gained popularity among international tourists. Therefore, it has become difficult to get a booking done to see an un-crowded adventure.

Choquequirao trail Peru experience is the most genuine feeling in the word. It sits high in the Vilcabamba mountain range. This fifteenth century archaeological complex is just open by foot. 

Choquequirao is very similar to Machu Picchu. It houses porches, sanctuaries, courts, temples and aqueducts. There is one truly observable contrast between the two. Choquequirao sees a normal visit from simply 15 to 20 travellers. While Machu Picchu gets around 3,300 visitors each day.

How to Get to Choquequirao Trail

The Choquequirao Journey

Initially, with regards to the difficulty level, the trip is quite damn hard. You must know that the difficulty is worth the amazing experience that you’ll have. 

The 4-day journey implies a 1,500m plunge into the valley. Then followed by a 1,800m climb (and return in a similar way you came). If you happen to take the full 9-day Choquequirao journey to Machu Picchu, you’ll make a similar trudge to the ruins. However, you will have to proceed for a few days, moving high passes and going into lowland basins. 

The Choquequirao trial (with or without a guide) is generally interestingly contrasted with other trips in Peru. However, trek through the intense parts, and you will encounter the extraordinary experience of the Inca trail

What’s more important to encounter something like Machu Picchu is the viable isolation. This makes the Choquequirao journey complete. You will not get much crowd here. 

How to Get to Choquequirao Trail

Trekking Routes to Choquequirao

How to get to Choquequirao? The Choquequirao journey is a 4-day to the 9-day journey that visits Choquequirao. There are 3 significant courses. There are slight varieties dependent on your wellness or interest. 

Pondering which course to take? Any way you go will flaunt immaculate landscape and serenity. Choquequirao can be your ultimate destination. You can also climb from Choquequirao to Machu Picchu for an epic Inca face off.

The 3 principle courses are: 

The exemplary route: The exemplary course is a four-day out-and-back climb to Choquequirao that starts and completes in cachora. 

The Huanipaca Route: The Huanipaca course is the quickest route to Choquequirao. It is a four-day climb that begins in Cachora. Instead of climbing down how you came, you’ll go to estate los loros and take a taxi out to Huanipaca. 

The Yanama Route: The Yanama route is a nine-day journey from Cachora to Machu Picchu that covers all the features of the Sacred Valley.

It has various stops at Choquequirao, Pinchinuyoc, llactapata, and Machu Picchu. This trip begins in Cachora and ultimately gets together with the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu.

Instructions to Get to Choquequirao 

The journey starts in Cachora. It is a little town around 3 hours outside of Cusco. Here’s more data on how to get to Choquequirao trail?

Take a taxi from central Cusco to Terminal Terrestre ($2.40). Get the transport to Abancay ($9). Request to stop at “Ramal de cachora.”

This is around 3 hours and 150km away. The transport will not stop here except if you inquire beforehand. Look out for the “148 km” marker to be certain you don’t miss it. 

How to Get to Choquequirao Trail

Cruz Del Sur, Oltursa, and Movilbus have service from Cusco to Abancay. You can book the ticket on the internet.

On the off chance that you miss your stop, you can get off in Abancay. You can attempt to get a common minivan back to Ramal de Cachora ($1.50) 

Whenever you’ve shown up at Ramal de Cachora, you can wait for a common minibus or “collectivo” to fill ($1.50) . Alternatively you can pay for a private taxi ($9) to Cachora. 

Be ready to bargain a little. The cabs and collective drivers can be a little sheisty along this course. If you decide to begin your trip from Capuliyoc mirador, you can book a taxi in town ($9).

How to Get to Choquequirao Trail

Final Words

On the Quriwayrachina mountain range of Peru is the Choquequirao archaeological site. This trek is not for feeble souls. You need physical strength and good health to complete this trek.

The Choquequirao trial is very fascinating. You will get a panoramic view of the Andes. Moreover you will have the chance to see flora and fauna and sacred Andean condor

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