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Inca Quarry Trail vs Inca Trail – Inca Trail vs Quarry Trail

Whenever trekking strikes the mind, everybody thinks about the Inca Trail. Did you know that you have an alternative as well? Yes, it is the Inca Quarry Trail.

Inca Quarry Trail vs Inca Trail, regardless of what trail you take, climbing in Peru gives you stunning viewpoints of old mountain tops. It conveys to you a truly amazing trip and gives you a different experience of excursion as you meet local people en route. 

While numerous explorers end up looking at different climbs in Peru and discovering Inca Trail licenses are not available, you may even consider the Quarry Trail is a superior choice for you. Out of whatever reason you are attempting to select Inca Quarry Trail vs Inca Trail, here is a brisk summary of what you will get in both mind-blowing hikes. 

Inca Trail Peru, Inca Quarry Trail vs Inca Trail

Inca Trail

The Classic Inca Trail is one of those classic routes to Machu Picchu that needs pre-booking. It has a tourist limit of 500 people every day. 

It might get crowded because of so many trekkers. This might also meddle with your picture-taking sessions and enjoying the scenery. The Inca Trail has many micro-climates, from mountains to rainforests.

When talking about the beauty of the trek, it is amongst the most attractive beautiful walks in South America. 

  • You will get an opportunity to take in the view of the amazing Inca Trail.
  • The path takes you along the ancient trade route utilized by the Incas. 
  • Hike through the cloud forests of Peru – an amazing experience.
  • Over four days you will cover 45 km with the most elevated point coming to ‘Dead woman’s Pass’ at 13779 ft.
  • Local porters help with conveying camping pieces of equipment
  • You will complete the hike at the Sun Door with glorious scenery over Machu Picchu. 
Inca Quarry Trail vs Inca Trail

Inca Quarry Trail

The Inca Quarry Trail has a beautiful landscape. It is the best alternative to the Inca Trail. The Inca Quarry Trail can be preferred in terms of fewer crowds. You can enjoy the scenic beauty without much interference from people.

Here you won’t get different microclimates. However, you can still reach Machu Picchu with a short train ride. You can see Sun Gate all over the Andes. These are structures built in the honor of the sun that frame a distant mountain and the first rays of the winter solstice are welcomed.  These are also called Inti Punku. 

  • At the highest point of the Quarry Trail, you will get an amazing picturesque view. 
  • You get to enjoy Andes landscape without the crowd
  • Visit three famous archaeological locales. These are extraordinary to learn about the techniques utilized by the Incas to excavate stone. 
  • The greatest elevation came to is marginally higher than the Inca Trail – the highest point at 14599 ft.
  • Since grants are not needed for this trip when you book you’re all set. Simple! 
  • Horses go with you to help carry your sack and outdoors hardware. Furthermore, they are there to help you during setting camp.
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What Both Hikes Offer

While considering Inca Quarry Trail vs. Inca Trail, both the trips give similar benefits. You will be protected, have master guides, incredible views, and freedom to connect with local communities. The two hikes require a moderate degree of wellness. The fitter you are, the more you’ll appreciate the trek. 

Both the treks offer similar scenery. No matter whichever trek you choose, you will be exploring the best of the Andes. Green parks, isolated villages, granite boulders, and archaeological sites will be enjoyed by the trekkers. 

However, the Quarry trail beats the Inca for beautiful scenery. You will get high passes like Puccaqasa which is 4,370m. Views of the Nevado Veronica mountain and stunning valleys falling away on all sides are more than beautiful. 

Your luggage will be carried by the porters in the Inca Trail and by horses in the Quarry Trail. 

Inca Quarry Trail vs Inca Trail

When Should You Go?

Around 75000 trekkers trek the Inca Trail every year but the Quarry Trail is not even close to this number. The Inca Trail has a crowd almost every day. The Quarry Trail doesn’t get very busy. 

May or October is the best for trekking. The Peak time of both the treks is June, July and August. The weather is great but you need to work hard to get pictures.  

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