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Is Salkantay trek worth it? Salkantay Trek What to Expect

Is Salkantay trek worth it? Yes, the Salkantay trek is more than worth it. This trek has an amalgamation of everything- Highlands, mountains and jungle. It is a very adventurous trek that leads to Machu Picchu. Check out this post to know on Salkantay Trek What to Expect.

Have you ever thought of a trek that gives you the experience of mountains, jungle, highlands and many seasons all together? Well, we have come up with an exciting trek for you. The Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu will give you an enriching experience.

You will trek over a mountain pass that puts you to the sacred mountain Salkantay while crossing countless beautiful snow-capped mountains on the way. 

People also see it as an alternative to the very famous Inca Trail. The altitudes, different weather conditions, all the 4 seasons, the turquoise blue lake and the hot springs are a completely different experience. 

Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu - Salkantay Trekking, How to Train for the Salkantay Trek?, Is Salkantay trek worth it?

The Best Alternative to Inca Trail

Is Salkantay trek worth it? If you couldn’t make it to Inca Trail, the Salkantay trek is the best alternative for it.  The Salkantay is very affordable and can be booked just two days before the trek. People find it convenient because of its availability.

The Real Battle – Altitude 

Having known all the amazing aspects of the Salkantay trek, you must be feeling is Salkantay trek worth it? It is definitely worth your time, money and efforts. 

This trek isn’t very difficult. It still demands physical fitness as the elevation is the real battle. The highest altitude is 4630 metres which can be a little difficult to bear. Keep your pace slow to avoid getting breathless. 

The Salkantay trek has all 5 different types of climate. This means that you will see all four seasons in these 4-5 days.

Inca Jungle, Is Salkantay trek worth it?

From Cusco to Mollepata

On the first day of the trek, you will start from Cusco to Mollepata. In the beginning, you might feel nauseous and motion sickness. After a few hours, you will adjust to the altitude

Beautiful View of Humantay Lake 

The Salkantay trek will astonish you with the stunning Humantay Lake and Humantay Lagoon. The Humantay Lake is situated just below Humantay Peak. It is as alluring as the pictures make you feel. The colours are just more than beautiful. 

The turquoise blue in the colour of the lake looks very beautiful. It is a real treat to the eyes of the traveller.

There is a ridge near Humantay Lake. You can climb and get the opportunity to see the picturesque view of the place. Keep your cameras charged as you are going to click hundreds of pictures to treasure the beauty that you have witnessed. 

Humantay Lake Peru Day Trip - Lake Humantay

Hospitality by Locals

The local people near the Humantay Laguna are called the Apacheta. They have a myriad of traditions and rites. You can be lucky to observe these traditions which are a very different emotion in itself. 

Discover the Inca Rituals

The locals place three leaves of coca which represents the Andean trilogy. They offer prayers to Pachamama by doing this. They do this to ask mother earth to protect them during the hike. 

Rich Coffee Beans

Apart from making your eyes rich, you will get the chance to satisfy your taste buds as well. The Salkantay Trek to Peru will give you a rich coffee sightseeing moment. At Lucmabamba, you can find a coffee plantation.

Santa Teresa is the main coffee-producing region in Peru. You will get the opportunity to see this area in between the trek. If the season is appropriate, you can get to taste the cherry from which the coffee beans are extracted before roasting them.

Trek with Butterflies and Hummingbirds

The lush green environment, jungle, birds and fruits will not allow you to ignore this beauty even for a second.

Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu - Salkantay Trekking

Final Words

Is Salkantay trek worth it? Here are few amazing things that to know on Salkantay trek what to expect:

  • It is an excellent location for people who are nature admirers. 
  • The scene is indeed the most wonderful thing about this spot. The Humantay Lake is situated at the foot of the snow-covered mountain. 
  • It isn’t extremely cold. You can admire the view and capture the beautiful scenery on your camera.
  • It is so fascinating that you won’t feel like returning.

The Salkantay Trek is one of the most famous treks in Cusco, Peru. If you love trekking, you shouldn’t miss out on this trek.

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