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Laguna Humantay: A Beautiful Glacier Lake in Cusco – Peru

Humantay Lake or Laguna Humantay is brilliant blue and green water that sparkles in the Andes mountain range like an emerald jewel. It is about 75 miles to the Northwest of Cusco and South of Machu Picchu

You might not be aware but the fact is that this Lake is one of the most well-known lakes in Peru, extraordinarily photogenic and set snugly between Humantay and Salkantay Mountain. 

And if we talk about the day trip to Laguna Humantay, it is an excellent option to experience some spectacular scenery, take pleasure in natural beauty, and dive into the pristine turquoise Blue water. 

There is no question in that spending a good time here can surely be an experience of lifetime for you. But before you visit this amazing lake, there are a lot of things that you should know to make your experience more cherished:    

Humantay Lake, Laguna Humantay

What is the Best Time to Visit Laguna Humantay? 

Visiting Laguna Humantay Lake is ordinarily subject to two seasons: the rainy and the dry season. However, it is located in Peru’s highlands region, so it is best to visit Peruvian highlands from April till November. It is always better to avoid the unpleasant or rainy season (December until March). 

The Lake gives its tourists all the reasons to trek along the incredibly scenic Salkantay Trail to witness the fantastic colors running off from the melting glacier around the Humantay Mountains. 

Humantay Lake, Laguna Humantay

How to Reach Laguna Humantay Lake?

In line with the hiking experts, the easiest way to visit this beautiful Lake is to either do a day or an overnight hike. 

If you choose to spend a full day on the Humantay Lake trip, book a taxi to the Soraypampa village (one of the closest villages to the Lake). The roads are pretty bumpy, and the path between the tall mountains will surely keep up your adventure spirit. 

From Soraypampa, you need to hike up to the Lake to enjoy the scenery. After spending a precious and peaceful time in the laps of Lake, you can return to the starting point and drive back to Cusco and reach your hotel before the dinner time.

Contrary, if you go for an overnight trip, hike with a stay in one of the campsites next to Soraypampa. Don’t worry there; you will get many options to try something different and enjoy living in glass dome huts. Here, tourists also enjoy watching the stars all night long. 

The Weather of Lake is Insane

The weather here can definitely make or break your experience of this beautifully colored Peruvian Lake. The locals and other travelers say that the best time to go to Cusco is during the dry season from May to September. Apart from this, it will give you the highest chance of sunshine and perfect lake photos. 

Remember, rainy season hikes (October – April) risk lousy weather like rain, snow, and hail. Hiking during such poor weather can obscure views of the Lake and make lovely travel photos nearly impossible.

Humantay Lake, Laguna Humantay

Laguna Humantay Is Power-Packed With Spiritual Experience

Interestingly many locals refer to the Andes as “Apus,” which literally means lord. It refers to the godlike spirit that inhabited the towering mountain of the territory and often made offerings to appease them. In addition to this, visiting the Laguna Humantay Lake adds a spiritual experience. Indeed, you will gain a chance to bring some cocoa leaves with you on the hike. 

Also, do not forget to practice a tradition of building a little tower or hito de piedra (carefully stacked stones) next to the Humantay Lake. However, do not think about taking a dip in the Lake as locals can consider it a rude act. Like mountains, the Humantay Lake is also considered a sacred place, and even the water is freezing cold. 

Some Extra Tips

Believe it or not but hike to Laguna Humantay is a beautiful short hike in all around the Peru. Make sure to put on decent hiking shoes and take some cocoa leaves to fight altitude sickness symptoms. 

Humantay Lake, Laguna Humantay

Love for Humantay Lake is Unconditional!!

Visiting the Cusco region is highly recommended to give you a perfect blend to experience pristine and peaceful glacier lake in the shadow of the Andes Mountains. 

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