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Manu National Park Activities

Check out our top recommended Manu National Park Activities to experience the best of the Peruvian Amazon and live unforgettable moments.

Manu National Park is one of the largest National Parks in Peru. It is known as a home to one of the highest number of animals and plants on the earth. The Park offers its visitors chance to explore and take pleasure in diverse habitat and wildlife all through the area.

The Reserved Zone is considered as a great area. It gives you the opportunity to know about six most extreme animals of Peruvian Amazon. The Jaguar, the Rio Lobo, the Gallito de las Rocas, the Guacamayon Cabrzón, the Black Caiman and the Maquisapa.       

If you are excited to have fun in the Manu National Park activities, learn about traditional ways of Amazonian population and roam free all over the areas. In this blog post, we will thrash out the most excellent activities and places that you can think of visiting in Manu National Park. So, let’s have a look: 

Manu National Park in Peru

1. Lake Salvador in the Reserved Zone

Salvador Lake is one of the most beautiful and largest lakes. It is located near Manu Tented Camp or Manu Park Wildlife Center.

At the edge of the lake, the out lookers can have fun while gazing at different species and colorful birds. Namely, howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys, titi monkeys, scarlet, chestnut, blue and gold macaws and water birds like hoatzins.

Regardless of being small territorial expansion and its high population density, the lake has maintained and highlighted significant biodiversity, plant vegetation such as nebulous forests, lavas and bushes.

2. Speculating Down Andean Mountains for Sceneries

This is a paradise if you love trekking and exploring the rainforest on foot. Manu National Park offers the most impressive journey. From high in the cloud forest to the lowland Amazon rainforest. 

Once you get to Amazon rainforest, you will notice a change in the temperature. You will also be in the presence of different South American Animals. Including hundreds of bright and vivid macaws, largest land mammal, and exciting species that live among the trees. 

In order to relish in the basic Andes to Amazon experience, all you need is good tracking shoes, form layers and plenty of water to keep your body hydrated all the way through Manu expedition.

Manu National Park in Peru

3. Trying Your Luck Catching Sight of Alligator and Wild Jaguar

Deep rainforest lodges like Manu wildlife centre is an excellent centre for the people. Especially for those who love taking wildlife photography and enjoy capturing the beautiful moments with lush green settings.

In line with the research, the forest welcomes its guests to get lucky enough to have a Jaguar and the largest reptiles of the Amazon (crocodile) sightseeing. 

What is more, the power and the beauty of the Manu Wildlife Centre guides you to quite a lot of natural and ancestral medicinal plants. You will also see collection of fruits and seeds, different forms of animals and butterflies or other figures of personal interest. 

As a point of fact seeing these majestic cats and large alligator will create an incredible and memorable experience. An experience that you will delight in for the years to come.

Manu National Park in Peru

4. Spent Time with Amazonian Native Families

The indigenous people, nomadic groups & tribes of Amazon, settled in sedentary villages with not scores of developments.

These people show their guests the ways of living and daily activities like hunting, gathering fishing and their direct contact with the nature.

Spending time amongst them will give you an excellent opportunity to acquaint yourself with various tasks. Such as preparation of food & custom, rituals celebration and sustainable alternatives to live inhumane conditions.

Manu National Park in Peru

5. Otter, Otter Everywhere!

If you are interested in sightseeing endangered species and the world largest otter species, then we strongly suggest you take a tourist bus and travel to Manu National Park from Cusco

The otters and other predatory species available in Manu’s Oxbow Lake. It will give you mind-blowing experience to watch and tour to the impressive 1.8 meters long Otter Lake and different lakes in the Manu region.

Manu National Park in Peru

The above mentioned places are just a few. Once you enter the Manu National Park, you can travel around and dive deep into forever young beauty of Park. 

So, here it will not be wrong to say that the Park is a great symbol of fabulous world of Amazonian settlers.

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