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Peru’s Sacred Valley: Uncover Incan Mysteries

If you are planning a Peru trip this time, delving into its past is inescapable. Along with learning the local culture, you must explore the incredible architectural ruins at the Sacred Valley of Incas, Machu Picchu, or view scenic landscape beauty of Cusco, Amazon, Lima and Lake Titicaca. Their attractiveness will for sure make you sound Wow!  

Guided sightseeing tours to help unfold the mysteries of the Inca Empire have always attracted tourists from across the world to this city.

So, now what are you waiting for!? Look at the days-options available for Sacred Valley tours and be ready with your bag packs!

Sacred Valley of Incas

Visit Ancient Ruins

If exploring historical architectural ruins fascinates you, a tour through Peru’s Sacred Valley would surely leave you asking for more because it will let you walk down the lifestyle of 15th-century people.

You might not be aware but in the Peruvian Andes, Inca Sacred Valley is a 70-mile narrow strip of land, stretched from imperial capital of Cusco to the most exciting citadel of Machu Picchu.

The Sacred Valley day tour will take around 10 hours where you would walk past exploring the ancient Inca sites of Pisac and Ollantaytambo.

In addition to this, located amid snowcapped peaks, the fertile river Valley has steep forest surrounding its agricultural terraces. And if we talk about the sunset, it gives this area otherworldly glow.

Your first stop will be in Pisac village, where you can either buy souvenirs or stroll through the local market to get the idea of how local villagers’ life is like.

The fraction of visitors does visit The Pisac’s Hilltop Inca fortress towering over the village which has stone water channels (believed to be an Inca bathhouse by archaeologists). The summit is a small rectangular plateau offering a mesmerizing view, and a sort of Inca altar carved from solid granite stone called an intihuatana or “hitching post of the sun.”

Although there are many marvelous breathtaking Inca ruins at Cusco and Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley is the perfect base to start your pilgrimage tour to the citadel.

You can explore the natural landscape as well as an ancient culture on foot or horseback. Additionally, there is an option of commuting by road hiring a mountain bike too.

Sacred Valley of Incas

Why Is Sacred Valley Must-Visit Destination?

The Valley is home to numerous small towns and villages where people still live a laid-back lifestyle. However, you can enjoy a de-stressing massage, yoga session or simple chilling fun in the hammock here.

If altitude sickness is a deterrent for you, The Valley is the best option to base yourself as its height varies between 7000 -9000 feet above sea level. So, no chances of symptoms like nausea, headache or fatigue here.


Locally known as the ‘birthplace of the rainbow’, Chinchero is a picturesque colonial village famous for its intricate traditional textiles. Shell out extra money to shop in the village centre as it has an entry fee for visitors. The conventional Andean handicrafts including shawls, blankets and tablecloths are sold here. These are created by locals out of alpaca wool using natural dyes only.

Most locals speak with Quechua- Inca’s language here.

Sacred Valley of Incas

Moray and Inca Salt Mines

Moray is another fascinating Inca sites in the Sacred Valley, which is an amphitheatre dug into a hilltop. In the New Moray, you can visit the original Inca Salt mines, still in use today.

Sacred Valley of Incas


It is the most visited village where travellers from Costco to Machu Picchu get down. It is an excellent setting for enjoying a leisurely walk and bike rides hiking the Inca Quarries and El-Albergue.

Machu Picchu

One of the world’s most fantastic archaeological sites, Machu Picchu is hauntingly beautiful, which pays back visitor well. The quality of stonework here is unbelievably and yes, scientifically planned marvels. Huge granite rocks with irregular natural edges and multiple corners are here locked snuggly without mortar in such a manner that even a cigarette paper cannot fit in between them.

Watching the sunrise over the citadel is one of its kind experiences. Also, there are temples, granaries, aqueducts, prison group or the scared plaza amongst other sightseeing options.

Machu Picchu

Plan ahead! Visit Inca sites for its fantastic beauty. Thank us later!

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