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Sacred Valley Peru: The Complete Guide

Do you like seeing the archaeological sites and ruins? Well, the sacred valley and Cusco valley are very famous places in Peru. They stand amongst the most visited places in that region.

The Sacred Valley Peru is home to Incan history, extraordinary ruins, mysteries and time terraces. The most beautiful spot can be the picturesque Sacred Valley that is carved by Urubamba River. It catches the travellers eyes in an instant.

In case you are thinking of enjoying the spectacular Salkantay Trek, Cusco and Sacred Valley Peru are the most beautiful places for your base during treks. The famous Andean Valley is majestic.    

Sacred Valley Peru


It is a major tourist attraction for visitors to Peru. It is the base city. The architectural beauty of this place is worth visiting it. It is full of churches, big Plazas and alleys. Be it the past or present, Cusco is an extraordinary place. 

Sacred Valley Peru

It is 100 kms Valley stretch from Pisac town (few km from Cusco)  and Pisac Ruins to the citadel (of Machu Picchu). It is an archaeological site and is the main path to Machu Picchu. The appropriate temperature, abundant water resource as well as the dry and wet season is best for agriculture.

Sacred Valley Peru can be reached through public transport. You can also choose a day or multiple days tour. There’s a lot of places to enjoy in this Valley

Sacred Valley Peru

Places to See in the Sacred Valley Peru

PISAC RUINS & PISAC TOWN – It is a beautiful archaeological gem. It can be visited by a car or by hiking. 

OLLANTAYTAMBO – The Ollantaytambo Ruins have extensive agricultural terraces. By standing on top of the ruins, you can have a glimpse at another side of the valley. The large stones come from the other side’s quarry.

MORAY – These ruins are circular. These ruins are agricultural laboratories. The Terrace levels have different temperatures and different microclimate.

MARAS – Maras salt mines are one of the most visited sites in the valley. The geometric shaped salt pools have been in use since Pre Inca times. It is now the main source of income to locals here.

Sacred Valley Peru

Entrance Fee to Sacred Valley

If you are under the impression that the tourist attraction of such a big tourist attraction is for free, you are not correct. When you enter the valley, no charges will be asked. One can freely enjoy by bus, car or public transport. 

Entrance fee needs to be submitted when visiting any ruin in the Sacred Valley. Although the price is not very high. 

One can also get an integral ticket when planning for multiple visits. It is valid for mostly 10 days and allows the visit to 16 sites. These include ruins of Cusco Valley and Sacred Valley Peru along with museums). If you wish to see just a few sites, a partial ticket can be purchased. 

You might be tricked by providing the sites into three circuits. If you wish to visit any two sites that aren’t on the same circuit, you need to buy two tickets. However, the best way is to buy a ten days ticket at one go.

Cusco is the entry point to the sacred valley as it is connected to major cities in Peru. Buses run from Lima to Cusco. The only issue which an individual might encounter while taking public transport is that each spot in Sacred Valley Peru has a different bus station.

Figuring out a bus station should be given prime importance here. The tourist centre in Peru in the main square can help you with tourist information.

Sacred Valley Peru

Available Tours in the Sacred Valley

There are many tours option available:

Full-day Sacred Valley tour – This is best for people who want to see the attraction in one day. 

Half-Day tour This is another popular tour wherein you get to visit attractions in half day.

Rafting – It is one of the most adventurous things to do in the Sacred Valley. The Urubamba river rafting holds tons of exciting experiences for you.

Sacred Valley Machu Picchu – This is a popular tour as it covers both Sacred Valley of Incas and Machu Picchu in 2 days from Cusco.

Sacred Valley Peru

Packing for the Sacred Valley Tour

Cusco and the Sacred Valley Peru  are at high-altitude. You need to carry some essential things. Here are some things which one must-have during the trip:

  • Keep extra water, clothes, snacks for the entire day. It will be a better option to invest in a good backpack with a waist strap. 
  • Packing jackets are necessary when moving out of Cusco. This will protect the traveller from wind, rain and cold. 
  • Do not forget to keep sunscreen. Sun becomes stronger as you go higher. SPF50+ is worth carrying as you don’t want to get sunburns and tanning.

When Should You Visit

It is dry from May to October. The days are sunny. Still, it is the time of Peruvian winter and can get chilly on the mountains. 

From November to April, it is the rainy season. You can book your tickets as per your choice. However, visiting dusting the rainy season is not a good idea. 

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