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San Pedro Market Cusco History

The Inca city offers intriguing activities in Cusco that are special and unique. Many individuals show up in Cusco daily to enjoy these extravagances. There are unique things to see in the nearby local markets, for example, the San Pedro market. 

Neighbourhood markets are a critical element of the Peruvian culture since they offer an extraordinary gander at the everyday existence of the nearby individuals, locals and their customs.

You might be asking yourself “For what reason is San Pedro Market Cusco History interesting?” We have many captivating answers to your inquiry with which your senses will revive. Along these lines, we will assemble a helpful guide of this staggering San Pedro Market Cusco History.

San Pedro Market Cusco History

Where is the San Pedro Market?

This well known and enormous market is situated in the core of Cusco, near the Plaza de Armas. From that point, you should travel south along with Calle Mantas and pass Court San Francisco. As you pass this court, you will see an entrance (Arco de Santa Clause Clara) before you. Walk straight for two minutes approx. The San Pedro market will be on your left-hand side. 

The actual structure is one block long and three squares wide. It is open seven days per week. Indeed, in a market, there will never be rest, correct? This is useful for you as a traveller. You can purchase souvenirs for your loved ones even at the last-minute while returning home.

San Pedro Market Cusco History

What Would We Be Able To Anticipate

Most importantly, you should realize that local people have accumulated in the San Pedro market since the immemorial times of the Incas. They get and sell things for their everyday needs. The market offers a clamouring yet enchanting climate loaded with flavours, scents and items that are amazing for tourists. This is without a doubt the genuine essence of the famous city of Cusco. 

Therefore, loads of travellers appreciate a visit to the San Pedro market. When you don’t anticipate purchasing anything, a visit to know the San Pedro Market Cusco History is an extraordinary encounter. 

San Pedro market extends to an external market where you can discover native ladies and youngsters selling spices, food ingredients and different things. They spread out their products on bright blankets.

At the time you enter the San Pedro market, your senses unquestionably will come into play. All the tones, the scents, the sounds, even the inquisitive essences of San Pedro Market Cusco History will make you gleeful. 

San Pedro Market Cusco History

Some Essential Things to See In the Market

Animal Heads – This market is most likely the craziest one since you will see heads of various creatures taking a gander at you. However, that isn’t all; you will see visors, testicles, noses, some blood.

That’s right, nothing is squandered, and all these unusual “cuts” are utilized. You might be asking yourself “Why?” The locals used to cook with them for additional flavour. 

Yet on the off chance that you are not into these nearby flavours, you better visit a few eateries in Cusco Peru.

Fruit Juice Stalls

When strolling into the market, the main thing you will notice will be the stalls of juice sellers. There are around 30 fruit stalls in the San Pedro Market where you will discover scrumptious and novel blends of nearby natural products, for example, granadilla, lucuma, and chirimoya (custard apple). 

Herbal Remedies

As per history, the Incas strongly believed in nature’s forces. They utilized herbs to cure various ailments. The cures they utilized in the treatment of numerous infections were made with spices. As a representation, the Coca leaf was utilized to treat the symptoms of altitude sickness.

San Pedro Market Cusco History


Food makes everyone happy. Did you know Cusco is considered the second gastronomy city in Peru after Lima? It has the best cuisine in the Peruvian Andes. 

In the San Pedro market, there are a lot of traditional dishes. People here cook them right in front of you. This mix of smells and flavours will be an incredible experience if you are not only a foodie but also curious and adventurous.

All the dishes are delicious and come from Cusco’s geographic diversity and its traditions. You can try the famous Chairo soup, Chiriuchu, Adobo and Puchero. The food list is endless.   

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