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Cusco to Sacred Valley Tour – Peru Sacred Valley Tour

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Cusco to Sacred Valley Tour Details
Peru Sacred Valley Tour

We will embark on a captivating journey. Our route begins in the historic city of Cusco. It leads us to the storied Sacred Valley of the Incas. This is a premier tour proudly presented by Machu Picchu Tours. 

This enchanting excursion transcends a typical tour. It is a passage through time. We will traverse the breathtaking landscapes of South America. Here, the Urubamba River carves its majestic path beneath the towering Andes.

The Gateway to Inca Heritage: The City of Cusco

Our Sacred Valley tour will commence in the former heart of the Inca Empire, the city of Cusco. From here, we will ascend into the valley, where the robust foundations of Inca ruins beckon. We will explore the town of Pisac, renowned for its bustling market. This town also boasts an impressive archaeological site. 

Our visit here will set a precedent for the many wonders we will encounter. As we delve deeper into the valley, the famed agricultural terraces will come into view. These terraces will unveil the advanced understanding the Incas had of their land.

Living History: The Town of Ollantaytambo

Journeying north of Cusco, we will discover the time-honored town of Ollantaytambo. It is a place where Inca walls still stand tall. Here, local people keep the rich tapestry of their culture alive. We will navigate through this living Inca site, where the stones whisper tales of a bygone era.

Ingenious Inca Innovations: The Archaeological Site of Moray

Our path will lead us to the striking concentric circles of Moray. A notable archaeological marvel that once served as an agricultural laboratory for the Incas. Here, we will marvel at the ingenuity of the Inca terraces. 

Studies suggest there is a temperature gradient within these structures. This gradient facilitated the adaptation of crops.

Nature’s Mosaic: The Salt Pans of Maras

Not far from Moray, we will find ourselves at the salt pans of Maras. This panoramic vista of glistening salt mines against a backdrop of emerald mountains is a sight to behold. We will learn how local workers have preserved salt extraction techniques through the ages. This is a testament to the harmony between the local people and their environment.

Optimal Timing: The Best time to visit Sacred Valley of the Incas

Timing is essential. We will ensure that our visit avoids the rainy season. This will optimize our experience with the region’s natural beauty. 

During the dry season, the skies are clearer and the views unobstructed. This allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the landscape. Those who visited Machu Picchu before us once traversed it.

Culinary Delights: A Gastronomic Experience

A delightful buffet lunch will punctuate our adventure. It features a variety of local dishes that will tantalize your palate. We will ensure to arrange all entrance tickets in advance, providing a seamless and enriching experience.

Connecting with Andean Culture: The Essence of the Sacred Valley

As we make our way through the Sacred Valley, every moment will present an opportunity. We will connect with the Inca heritage. Additionally, we will engage with the vibrant spirit of the Andean communities. This is not just a tour; it is a journey that we will cherish forever. 

With Machu Picchu Tours, the Sacred Valley awaits us. It is ready to reveal its timeless wonders. We will unveil the enduring legacy of the Inca Empire.

Departure & Return Location

Cusco Hotel Transfer

Departure Time

0700 AM

Price Includes

  • Professional English speaking Tour Leader.
  • Pick-up from and drop off in your hotel
  • Private Transportation
  • Buffet lunch in Urubamba (Options for Vegans)
  • First aid kit

Price Excludes

  • Tourist Ticket
  • Any Private Expenses

Super Sacred Valley Tour – Packing list

  • Original Passport (same as used at time of booking for permits/ tickets)
  • Waterproof jacket / rain poncho
  • Sun hat or cap
  • Protect & hydrate sunscreen lotion (factor 60 or 70+ is recommendable)
  • Some Peruvian Soles in cash
Useful info
  • Maximum Altitude: 4100 metres
  • Tourist Ticket is required to visit the sites
  • Tour Availability – Daily departure with minimum 2 people
  • Weather – Dry season from May to October, Wet from November to April
Peru Sacred Valley Tour Itinerary

Super Sacred Valley Tour

We will begin our Full Day Sacred Valley and Maras Moray Tour with an early departure. Our journey starts from Cusco, the historic capital of the Inca Empire. Our first stop will be the town of Chinchero. Here, we will witness the fascinating blend of Incan and Spanish colonial influences.

Next, we will journey to Moray. There, we will explore the remarkable circular agricultural terraces. These terraces illustrate the Incas’ ingenuity in farming. Here, we will observe the variations in microclimates and understand how the Incas used these for crop experimentation.

Our adventure continues as we visit the stunning salt mines of Maras. Amidst thousands of salt pans, we will stand and learn about the traditional salt extraction methods employed since pre-Inca times.

Moving forward, we will drive to the heart of the Sacred Valley, Urubamba. Here we will enjoy a nourishing lunch while surrounded by the magnificent Andean mountains.

After lunch, our tour will take us to Ollantaytambo. It is a town boasting an impressive archaeological site with terraces that climb the steep mountain sides. We will explore this area and gain insight into its past. This site held strategic military, agricultural, and religious significance during the Inca Empire.

We will then make our way to Pisac. Here, the extensive ruins will captivate us. Additionally, we will have the opportunity to interact with the modern-day Andean community. 

At the Pisac Market, we will discover a myriad of handcrafted goods. These are perfect for taking a piece of the Sacred Valley back home with us.

Our tour will conclude with a scenic drive back to Cusco. We will be reflecting on a day filled with rich history and cultural experiences.

Throughout the Super Sacred Valley tour, we will cover key statistics:

  • The total distance covered will be approximately 95 kilometers (59 miles).
  • We will reach the highest altitude at Chinchero, which stands at about 3,762 meters (12,343 feet) above sea level.
  • The lowest altitude will be in the town of Pisac, at roughly 2,972 meters (9,751 feet) above sea level.
  • The level of difficulty of this tour is moderate. This makes it suitable for most visitors with a standard level of fitness.

By choosing to embark on this journey, we will immerse ourselves in the heart of the Peru Sacred Valley. We will trace the steps of the Incas from Cusco to the Sacred Valley and back. This will all take place within a day filled with adventure and discovery.

Maras Moray Ollantaytambo Tour

How far is Chinchero from Cusco?

Chinchero is roughly 30 kilometres away from Cusco. It normally takes 45 minutes to an hour to reach there from Cusco city. 

Is Chinchero in the Sacred Valley?

Yes, Chinchero is a part of the Sacred Valley of Incas. It is home to the Andean textile weavers. The village also houses a church which was built during the colonial era. Infact, Chinchero has the most fertile soil in the whole of Sacred Valley of Incas. 

How to get to Pisac?

Pisac is a popular stop on any Sacred Valley tour from Cusco. So the best deal is to sign up for an organised tour from Cusco. However, if you want to travel on your own to Pisac, head to Puputi street in Cusco. You will find a lot of transport heading to Pisac from here. It takes about an hour and costs around 6 Soles. 

How to pronounce Ollantaytambo?

Ollantaytambo is a Quechua word it is pronounced as Oo-yan-tay-tambo. In Quechua the name means “a place to see down”

What to see in Ollantaytambo?

Ollantaytambo houses two Inca ruins. The village itself is beautiful and is a reminiscence to Incas advancement in town planning. It is also a jump off point to Cachicata Stone Quarry of Incas. 

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Rebecca Q

Solo Traveller

Honestly, I was nervous about traveling to South America but John honestly takes such good care of you. Not only does he make sure you’re safe at all times but he has a genuine passion for his job. He truly does love his country and it is so evident when he explains things.

John goes above and beyond in each of his tours, not only with his incredible knowledge of their history but even with the little things. He will point out restaurants to try, or certain food and drinks that are traditional that he reccomend off the menu.
I had the great trip to Peru.

He was so easy to get along with and by the end of my 3 weeks with John he felt more like a friend then a tour guide. If I ever return to Peru, I would immediately go to John and I would 110% reccomend him over anyone else. His love for his country is contagious and you end up loving it just as much as he does. If you’re considering booking with John, please do, you’ll have the best adventure of your life!

September 11, 2019