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The Peruvian Amazon: 5 Great Reasons to Visit the Rainforest

Wondering Why do tourists visit the Amazon Rainforest? Check out our five reasons on this post carefully curated by our expert local Amazonian guides.

From Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley to remarkable biodiversity to colonial cities such as Cusco, Peru has no shortage of fascinating spots for every genre of travelers. 

Just keep on reading if you are really willing to know why do tourists visit the Amazon Rainforest?

Why do tourists visit the Amazon Rainforest

Brace yourself to walk around massive and bright green lush forests. It account for more than half of the worlds remaining forest. Additionally, the colorful green Peruvian forest is one of the biggest rainforests. It is surrounded by rich indigenous culture, culinary delights and numerous other measures for adventurous travelers.

It is the fourth largest rainforest in the world in terms of flora – 700 types of ferns and more than 7,300 species of faunas are here. Not merely this, but it is also called a home to a variety of reptiles, amphibians, mammals, fishes, birds, and butterflies.

There Are Some Of The Great Reasons Why Everyone Should Think About Visiting A Unique Peruvian Amazon Forest And These Are

1. Eye Witnessing Amazon Animals

The Peruvian Amazon Basin is covering approximately 60% of the country’s total territory. It houses fantastic wildlife. Here, you can take down the cruise and travel around the rainforest with binocular.

You will be spotting wildlife in their natural habitats. Gladly angle the boat to capture the perfect shot on the board.

Here, you can gaze at the largest number of birds and the third-largest number of mammals in the world. This makes it one of the largest and most bio-diverse places on the planet. 

Manu National Park in Peru, Why do tourists visit the Amazon Rainforest

2. Fish, Catch (and Eat!) Piranha

Fishing is one of the favorite leisure activities. Every visitor enjoys in Peruvian Amazon. Piranhas and beautiful fishes with red-orange bellies are served with tender in your plates. Yes, you heard, right! Here you can hook fishes on your boat and then wiggle them off for tasting chef special.

The best part is, if you get a chance to get back to Zafiro and chef fries up the day’s catch, and then guess who the lucky one is!

You can get an opportunity to taste small and bony meat that will burst flavor in the mouth. The moist and succulent meat upgrades the meat game! 

Why do tourists visit the Amazon Rainforest

3. Living Life of Local Communities

At Peruvian Amazon, you can spend time interacting with locals and visit different villages. This place treasures handmade craft, intercultural lifestyle, friendship and goodwill.

Visitors can also help and donate school supplies, clothes and other needed items to the children who study in one-room schoolhouses.

Trust us, the friendly ambience appreciate all your generous donation and say thank to you for being a part of their warm hospitality.

Why do tourists visit the Amazon Rainforest

4. Maijuna Community and Its Beauty

Only 500 Maijuna people are left in Peru. They live in the four villages between the Napo and Putumayo Rivers. The best highlight of the trip is that you can get a chance to spend a day with the Maijuna community.

You will also learn about their forward-thinking conservation efforts. In addition to this, you must visit the ACTS Research Facility. Here you can take a canopy walk through the forest and drift downriver on a nighttime boat. 

Manu National Park in Peru, Why do tourists visit the Amazon Rainforest

5. Relatively Pristine Rainforest

The excellent news about Peruvian Amazon is that the forest encourages movement of “Saving the Rainforest”. Its other precious natural resources and bio-diverse ecosystem. 

New York Times published the deforestation issues in Amazon river Basin in 2004. If truth to be told, the story was heightened and raised awareness about large scale deforestation slash ‘n’ burn approaches to agriculture and cattle Ranchi in Brazil and Bolivia.

Why do tourists visit the Amazon Rainforest

Buckle up Your Backpack

If you are on the lookout for green, stress-free and rejuvenating vacation, it is a fantastic idea to book your tickets to Peruvian Amazon forest any time in the dry season (lasts from June to October). 

Well, for your knowledge the best time to visit the Amazon Rainforest is when there is less frequent rain so that you can see the sights of high river levels and spot the wildlife that is out of this world.

So, here it is safe to say that all the trekkers out there, Peruvian Amazon forest is calling you out! Wink! Wink!

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